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Hatch Stamping Company Wins Innovation and Technology Award

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Hatch was honored to earn the 2017 Plex Systems Innovation and Technology Award for implementing cloud technology and an enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system, continuing our tradition of being an industry leader in continuous advancements.

Hatch Stamping selects servo presses for single-part redesign

Global auto supplier redesigned a two-part assembly in to a single part

If you drive a vehicle that was made or assembled in North America, chances are it is equipped with a part or assembly manufactured by a company that started in the garage of one of three Hatch brothers 66 years ago.

Growth Through Strength

At Hatch Stamping, we are expanding our footprint and expertise to maintain a leadership position in the industry.

Leadership Position

Facility, technology and talent investments are the reasons why Hatch Stamping continues to expand as an automotive service provider.

Member Spotlight

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“What distinguishes the best companies from the rest — the companies people want to work at — is the ability to grow without becoming something unrecognizable.”

Hatch Sees Opportunity in The Volunteer State

As the U.S. automotive base has steadily migrated southward, so has Hatch Stamping.

Advice for the Successful Manufacturer

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