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Here is a shout out to the entire Hatch Team — as we work through these times together it has been so refreshing to see everyone pull together, remaining calm and understanding!  No one is in this alone, even though we are distant from each other at this time  — we are in this together! We appreciate you and the loyalty that you have placed with Hatch Stamping, each other and your families.

Each day we are going to provide you with an update, understanding that all is very fluid and changing minute by minute. The updates might seem minor in nature but we really want to stay connected with you and provide information, as we are aware.

Hatch Stamping News

We feel it is very important to keep our employees up to date on what is happening in our country, state, communities and company over the next couple of weeks as we all navigate through this time of uncertainty.  We have developed this website, which is dedicated to providing you with the latest information we have available on Covid-19 and the movements of our company and customers during this time. Our plan is to provide daily updates, which we feel you will find beneficial. Please be sure to check the site after 1:00 p.m. daily.

We are working diligently to understand the industry news and needs.  We will provide key information that becomes available to us as soon as we can.  At this time the information is very fluid and changes are being made minute by minute.  One of the topics that has been in discussion is whether manufacturing is essential.  There are several interpretations at this time – due to the fact that Transportation is a noted excluded industry in the Executive Order.  We are working with each of our customers as they are also struggling with the interpretation and each is handling the order differently. When we have something definitive to report in this area we will let you know.

For those Hatch Stamping Team members that were recently idled we want to let you know you are very important and key to our future!  We know this company would not be what it is today without the dedication and hard work of our employees. We cannot wait for us to get back to work and are doing everything we can to get us there.  We do know that we will be asked to ramp up quickly at a moment’s notice once the go ahead is given.

It is important you know that you are critical to our future success and we want to make sure all employees are safe and well. It is up to all of us to take responsible action to look after each other in this trying time. If you have needs that you would like to discuss with HR, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help.

Stay well, stay safe and we will be back to work soon.

External News

Today, we are operating in Michigan under all required mandates and the Executive Order.  We thought you might be interested in what the Big 3 are reporting, so we will post those that may be of interest.

Auto News reported the following:

On March 16, 2020 President Trump provided a 15 day initiative to slow the spread of COVID 19 resulting in flattening the curve.  We are now half way through that initiative – this initiative reminds us to practice social distancing, listening to state and local authorities, stay in your home if you or a family member feel or are ill, older American’s need to be particularly protected or someone with a serious underlining health condition, we must continue to practice strict personal and surroundings hygiene.


Link to PDF File: Coronavirus Guidelines