Applications Include:
• ECU/ECU covers
• Parking brake lever assembly
• ABS brackets
• Backing plates
• Lever assemblies

Like many other elements of the modern vehicle, braking systems are now required to provide better performance and safety, while contributing to vehicle weight savings to meet efficiency standards. Hatch is helping OEM and Tier Suppliers achieve these goals every day. For example, we designed and built unique high-volume robotic grommet insertion cells to meet the most stringent industry quality standards for ABS brake brackets.

Our goal is simple – to match world-class manufacturing (including stamping, welding, and assembly) with industry-leading engineering support that ensures your program goals are met.

Hatch can help with powerful manufacturing resources, combined with extensive design, testing, and development knowledge to extend the capabilities of both OEMs and Tier Suppliers. As a standard procedure, we perform FEA manufacturing analysis before we even quote your part – to ensure you’re getting the performance your customers demand. Our engineers can help to optimize your designs for real-world performance. We can even provide 3D printed prototypes for review. All coupled with unparalleled program management skills.

Applications include: