Applications Include:
• Center console structures
• Sto n’ Go hinges
• Cargo tethers
• Hinges
• D-Rings
• Instrument panel structures

Vehicle interiors are increasingly becoming a point of competitive differentiation for today’s OEM. By delivering the features buyers want – while maintaining platform continuity – the OEM ensures market appeal and profitability. Interior components must pack an increasing amount of functionality inside a shrinking physical space; all without compromising performance or durability.

Hatch can help with powerful manufacturing resources, combined with extensive design, testing, and development knowledge to extend the capabilities of both OEMs and Tier Suppliers. As a standard procedure, we perform FEA manufacturing analysis before we even quote your part – to ensure you’re getting the performance your customers demand. Our engineers can help to optimize your designs for real-world performance. We can even provide 3D printed prototypes for review. All coupled with unparalleled program management skills.

Applications include: