stamping innovation drives value for our customers and is a key philosophy.
But what does stamping innovation mean?

We’re willing to take on complex projects.

We believe in a collaborative approach using the latest advancements in technology to service our clients, making them more competitive in the market place.

We have a dedicated technical center.

Hatch Stamping Company has a facility dedicated to technical improvement. For example, we build our own assembly equipment, transfer systems, and progressive dies. Not only do we take on complex projects, but we engineer, design, build, integrate, program, and troubleshoot for our customers.

We embrace new technologies.

At Hatch Stamping, we’re continually evaluating and implementing new technologies to deliver best-in-class performance for our customers, keeping them on the leading edge. A few examples include: 3-D printing, laser scanning, linear transfer, laser welding and much more.

We harness innovation to deliver results.

Whether it’s the use of a 3-D printer that helps in the visualization of a part, CMM programming or the design of tested gauges, we bring innovation to life at Hatch Stamping. Technology helps us shorten time-to-production and deliver quality results.

We work with the materials you need.

Hatch Stamping Company manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts using a range of high-strength multi-phase materials.

In this section, you will learn about our capabilities in stamping, welding, engineering services, assembly, and other areas.